PS5 Controller Not Charging: How To Fix DualSense Controller Not Charging Fully

Would you be able to help me if my DualSense controller is not charging properly? We have all the information you need about your PS5 controller right here in this article.

There is no denying the fact that the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 is a highly regarded piece of hardware, but if you are suffering from the PS5 controller not charging fully, it may not feel the best right now.

There is a potential issue with this particular controller due to the fact that you cannot swap the batteries like you can on an Xbox controller. If your battery life is diminished, you will inevitably be limited in how long you can play, have to charge more frequently, or even have to purchase a second controller if you are not careful.

Hence, in order to avoid those terrible scenarios, we have provided some pointers to help you fix your PS5 controller so you can use it to the fullest extent of its capabilities once again.

How To Fix Your DualSense PS5 Controller Not Charging Fully

As a first step, you can try the following troubleshooting tips to fix your DualSense controller, as they are recommended by Sony:

  • You may want to try connecting the USB cable that came with your PS5 console to a different USB-A port on the PS5 console to see if that works.
  • If you are considering using another type-C to type-A USB cable, consider using one that is capable of “charging and syncing” or “charging and data”. The cables that are marked “Charge Only” cannot be used with this device. 
  • If you have a Type-C to Type-C USB cable available, try using it to connect your computer.
  • It is also possible to use a charger that is compatible with the USB standard if you have one available to you. There is a possibility that not all USB chargers will be able to charge the DualSense wireless controller, so please keep this in mind.

While these focus on the DualSense and the cable, there are some other pointers worth trying:

  • The port contacts should be checked to ensure that nothing has gotten inside them that might be interfering with the connection.
  • Consider using a charging dock to charge your phone.
  • You should ensure that the firmware on your controller is up to date at all times.
  • If your controller does not work while it is plugged in, then you need to unplug it. Rather than a problem with the cable, this might indicate that there is an issue with the battery.

It is important to know that if all else fails and your DualSense is still under warranty, then you can contact PlayStation Support for further assistance or to repair or replace your malfunctioning hardware.

Why Is My DualSense Controller Not Fully Charging?

There are a few possible reasons why your DualSense may not be fully charged when you first use it. It could be a fault with the charging cable, a problem with the controller, or even an issue with the PS5 itself that is causing this problem. However, narrowing it down is not always easy, so let’s go into a bit more detail about what we mean by that.

  • There are a number of possible problems that can occur when using the charging cable. It is possible for the cable to be damaged, and this damage may even be internal, which means it will be hidden from view when you inspect the cable. Additionally, there have been reports of problems when trying to charge the PS5 while it is in Rest Mode, according to some reports. A cable could even be connected to the port on either the controller or the console where the cable connects to the port on the controller.
  • The battery of the DualSense controller cannot be swapped out, as we stated earlier in this article. As a result, if there is a problem with the battery, this could result in a problem with the charging of the device.
  • It is possible that the controller needs a firmware update, or that an update may have become corrupted during installation. It is more likely that this will occur if an update was interrupted during the process.
  • In order to cause a fault to occur, the controller must have been damaged in some way, such as being dropped, or being damaged by water.

There are many reasons for the battery to not be able to charge completely, as you can see from the list above.

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